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  唐中林,研究员,博士生导师。中国农业科学院农业基因组研究所首席科学家,动物基因组研究中心主任,2016年在哈佛大学做访问学者。承担国家自然科学基金重点及面上项目、973子课题、863重点和转基因重大专项等国家级课题10余项,在Genome Biology等刊物发表SCI论文60余篇,获国家技术发明二等奖、省科技进步奖、中华农业科技奖、国家专利银奖等多项国家及省部级奖,获国家发明专利16项,软件著作权7项,国际发明专利2项。2016年入选国家重大人才工程。


  研究成绩:团队绘制我国地方猪的高清基因组图谱,揭示猪骨骼肌生长发育的转录组和甲基化图谱,大规模挖掘猪产肉等性状相关的关键基因与调控元件,开发复杂性状新效应基因的统计模型及算法,建立一种基因编辑系统并开发了检测编辑效率的工具。相关成果发表在Nature、Science、Cell Research, Genomic Biology, Cell report和Development等国际重要刊物。团队成员主持国家优秀青年科学基金项目、国家自然科学基金重点项目、国家自然科学基金面上及青年基金项目、以及其他省部级项目等10余项。获国家技术发明二等奖、国家发明专利银奖等多项国家及省部级科技奖励,获得和申报国家发明专利近20项,获软件著作权7项。

  团队构成:唐中林课题组李奎课题组Yuwen Liu课题组易国强课题组


  Pig Genome Design and Breeding Innovation Team

  Chief Scientist:

  Zhonglin Tang, Doctoral Advisor , research Professor of Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS-AGIS), Director of the Animal Genomics Research Center. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard University in 2016. Zhonglin Tang has undertaken more than 10 projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (includes the National Key Project),973 Sub-topics, etc.. More than 60 papers were published on prestigious journals, such as Genome Biology. His team had won the National Technology Invention Award, Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, China Agricultural Science and Technology Award,National Patent Silver Awardand other nationaland provincial awards. The team also obtained 16 national invention patents, 7 software copyrights and 2 international patents have been granted. Zhonglin Tang has been honored as a leader talent of National “Ten Thousand Talent Program”.


  Research Field:

  Our team mainly focused on pig genome design and breeding, integrate multi-omics data, genome-wide association analysis and gene-editing to analyze the molecular mechanisms for the formation of important economic traits in pigs and other animals, excavate key genes and genetic markers on a large scale, and innovate new theories and methods for genome design and pig breeding, and carry out new material creation and breed improvement in pig.



  we drew a high-definition genome map of local pigs in China, reveals the transcriptome and methylation map of skeletal muscle growth and development, digs out key genes and regulatory elements related to traits such as pig meat production on a large scale, and develops statistical models of new effects genes for complex traits And algorithms, establish a gene editing system and develop tools for detecting editing efficiency. Besides, we shared the achievements in a series of top international journal such as Nature, Science, Cell Research, Genomic Biology, Cell report, Development etc. Grants includes the National Science Found for Excellent Young Scholars, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (National Key Projectand General Program) more than 10 items. The team has achived a second prize for national technological inventions and the silver prize for national invention patents, also obtained and applied for nearly 20 national invention patents and 7 software copyrights.