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  高飞,研究员,博士生导师,农业部农业基因数据分析重点实验室副主任,中国农业科学院青年英才,深圳市地方领军人才,中国遗传学会表观遗传专业委员会和中国实验动物学会无菌动物学会委员。长期从事发育和疾病过程的表观遗传控制;营养与菌群的表观遗传效应等研究。在国际SCI学术期刊Genome Biology、Cell Research等发表论文51篇,其中第一或通讯作者论文34篇。






  团队开发了针对微量细胞的全基因组甲基化测序技术,建立了一种名为GOTI的新型脱靶检测技术,显著提高基因编辑技术的脱靶检测灵敏性。团队与国内外多个学校合作,在营养、肠道菌群对仔猪肠道发育的表观遗传效应,哺乳动物基因组编辑等方面进行深入研究,先后在Science,Nature,Cell Research,Nature Methods,Genome biology等期刊发表一系列成果。




  Agricultural Genomics Technology Innovation Team

  Chief Scientist

  Fei Gao, Principle Investigator, Doctoral Advisor, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Agricultural Genetic Data Analysis, Ministry of Agriculture, Young talent of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Leading Talent of Shenzhen, member of the Professional Committee of Epigenetics, Genetics Society of China and member of the Aseptic Animal Society, Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences. He prefers to focus on the role of epigenetics in animal development and pathology, especially how environmental factors such as nutrition and microbiota may affect host epigenetics. He has published 51 peer-reviewed papers on international journals including Genome Biology, Cell Research etc., 34 of which as the first or corresponding author.


  Research Field

  1)Development of new methodologies of animal epigenomics, optimization of gene editing method and technology in mammalian animals

  2) Effects of nutrition and microbiota on animal epigenome

  3) Construction of animal disease models in mice and pigs by genomic manipulation and study of epigenetic regulation of animal development and pathology



  We have developed a novel whole-genome bisulfite sequencing technology specifically designed for the minute amount of DNA sample, a method named “GOTI”, which significantly improved the sensitivity of off-target detection without prediction in advance. Our team collaborated with domestic and foreign universities to conduct in-depth studies on 1) the epigenetic effects of nutrition and gut microbiota on intestinal development of piglets and 2) mammalian genome editing, etc. We have already published a series of achievements in journals such as Science, Nature, Cell Research, Nature Methods, Genome Biology and so on.